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Meet the Team

Selected for their skills and temperament, each member of the Boutique Lawyers team has a visible passion for building and construction law.

Combine passion with systems, experience and winning leadership – and you end up with the best building and construction law firm in Melbourne.

Our winning team of battle-hardened building and construction people deliver results. Fast.

Olivia Terziovski

Olivia Terziovski

Principal Lawyer

Having dealt with thousands of building and construction matters and building and construction insurance claims (domestic building insurance, plumbing insurance claims and contract works insurance claims) for over one decade, Olivia not only considers the legal aspects of her cases but carefully and strategically manages cases based on the desired outcome, human behaviour and the most importantly the commercial reality of the matter. Winning to her means obtaining an outcome or a reward that her clients are seeking rather than winning an order on paper for a lawyers victory.

Olivia wrote the book on building and construction law titled “ How to Prosper as a Property Developer” simply worded for non-lawyers in an attempt to educate her clients on the results of bad decisions and risks when building, (whether a builder or subcontractor or developer/owner) seeking to develop a property or whether in a current dispute. Managing risk in all aspects of building, property development or even purchasing a property before making any decisions is where success is born.


Imran Fatah


Imran has a diverse background in law ranging from commercial litigation, corporate law, property law and wills and estates. Not wanting to be a jack of all trades but master of none, Imran decided to follow his passion and settled on following a career as a litigator.

This decision came from an urge to fight on the side of those who are up against the odds and have been wronged. Imran’s approach to litigation can be best summed up as ‘private face and public face’. This means that that while providing you with the absolute unvarnished strengths and weaknesses of your case in the confines of private lawyer-client communication, he will do his utmost to present the strengths of your case while strategically targeting the weakness of the other side.

If you are looking for a staunch, unbending and relentless litigator, please call and make an appointment with Imran today.

Melissa Farlaino

Construction Lawyer

Melissa is a dedicated and ambitious Junior Construction Lawyer with a commitment to achieving the best outcomes for clients. While still early in her career as a Construction Lawyer, Melissa has demonstrated a keen understanding of construction disputes, contract negotiations and statutory warranty matters. Melissa’s work is characterised by a meticulous approach and innovative problem-solving skills, ensuring that clients receive quality legal representation.

Melissa earned her Bachelor of Laws from Deakin University, where she graduated with Distinction and excelled academically. Melissa also has experience in other various areas of law including Criminal Law, Wills and Estates and Commercial Law. In her previous experiences, she handled complex litigious matters, including successfully reopening a closed case that resulted in a significant settlement and negotiating with prosecution resulting in the successful withdrawal of multiple criminal charges. These experiences allowed Melissa to develop her legal skills and develop a holistic approach to handling matters.

For Melissa, the most fulfilling aspect of legal practise is guiding clients through the often daunting legal system and relentlessly pursuing outcomes. Whether navigating intricate construction disputes or advocating for clients’ interests, Melissa is committed to delivering excellence and fostering trust with every case handled alongside the team at Boutique Lawyers.

Martina Hooper


Martina Hooper has a vast knowledge of Legal Accounting having been employed in the Legal industry for over 25 years. She is passionate about her work and enjoys camping, bushwalks and entertaining in her spare time.

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